Short Term Adaptation for Long Term Resilience to Climate Change

Our climate is changing and the effects are becoming clear.

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Across Europe, floods, droughts, and heatwaves will become more frequent, severe and costly.

Short Term Adaptation for Long Term Resilience to Climate Change (STAR2Cs) is working to build resilience that minimises the impacts of risk; takes advantage of opportunities; is flexible to uncertainties and changing circumstances; and provides wider benefit. In this way, no matter what the future looks like, our communities, economies and environment will continue to be great places to work, live and play.

About the STAR2Cs programme
About STAR2Cs

Interreg 2 Seas member states have worked together to co-create the ‘STAR2Cs Solution’ by drawing on our diverse expertise, approaches and local experience in long-term planning.

STAR2Cs partners and pilot projects
Our key partners

The STAR2Cs project unites 8 partners across the 2 seas who are working to overcome similar challenges by improving and increasing climate change adaptation.

STAR2Cs Adaptation Tools
Adaptation Tools

Through the STAR2Cs project we have created a range of tools to encourage and facilitate adaptation planning and implementation.


STAR2Cs’s primary goal is to overcome the ‘implementation gap’ currently faced in delivering local action to build adaptation capacity through three key objectives:

Pilot projects and partners

Use our interactive map to learn more about our 8 pilot projects, their outputs, and plans for the future.

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