The Climate Street Game

What is the Climate Street Game?

Have you noticed that summers are getting warmer and we often have heavy rain showers? You can prepare your own garden, street and neighbourhood for it. With this game, residents of Bruinisse in in the municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland, young and old, see what they can do to make their environment more climate-proof and even more beautiful.

How does the Climate Street Game work?

In the game you have to redesign a Climate Street! You do this together with a group of players. You collect money by answering knowledge questions. With this you can make the garden, the street or the square greener and therefore more climate-proof. In an hour you play four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Halfway through the year you will hear whether your Climate Street is ready for a hot summer!

After playing the game you will have seen a lot of new solutions and possibilities. Do you feel inspired to do something yourself afterwards? Or do you want to tackle something together with your neighbours for Bruinisse? Get started with your own living environment, contact them and discuss the possibilities. To make it a little easier for you, you can download an overview list with all climate adaptive measures and an inspiration list with climate-resistant plantings at the end of the game. Success and hopefully to a climate-proof future.


Through pilot studies and knowledge-sharing, the STAR2Cs partners have designed and produced innovative, transferable, and effective mechanisms to overcome the ‘implementation gap’ that currently exists in delivering local adaptation action.