The Adaptation Catalyst e-tool

An e-tool for visualising different possible futures.

The Adaptation Catalyst, developed by Deltares, is designed to support professionals in delivering local adaptation action. The tool supports adaptation planning in complex decision-making scenarios through a dynamic adaptation pathways approach. It provides insights to users on how best to implement adaptation measures through incremental, integrated actions under the conditions of uncertainty that climate change presents.

The tool can be used to visualise and test the effectiveness of different adaptation measures over time, under different future scenarios. It has been used across the STAR2Cs partnership to assess the future costs and benefits of diverse adaptation measures and has played a crucial role in justifying actions today in the face of future uncertainty.

Why use the tool?

  • Explore how/if adaptation can be combined with regular asset management works
  • Create visualisations of different adaptation options available through time and across various future climate scenarios
  • Examine trade-offs between different types and combinations of adaptation measures
  • Determine actions that must be made today and actions that can be made in the future
  • Understand drawbacks of not taking actions to adapt to climate change
  • Input user specific parameters, providing an accurate and bespoke plan.
Available downloads:

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Supporting resources:

Through pilot studies and knowledge-sharing, the STAR2Cs partners have designed and produced innovative, transferable, and effective mechanisms to overcome the ‘implementation gap’ that currently exists in delivering local adaptation action.