STAR2Cs Solutions

The STAR2Cs project has made great progress in building climate change adaptation into decision-making processes since it commenced in 2017.

Through pilot studies and knowledge-sharing, the partners have designed and produced innovative, transferable, and effective mechanisms to overcome the ‘implementation gap’ that currently exists in delivering local adaptation action. Among the great diversity that exists within the STAR2Cs project, the commitment to a flexible adaptive pathway approach to climate adaptation unites all of our activities.

The STAR2Cs Solution: International Conference. Routes to resilience: Reducing climate risk through adaptive planning and partnerships.

The STAR2Cs solution was presented at the projects international final conference on 17th June 2021. The conference presentation pack can be downloaded below, and the recording of the final conference is available on YouTube.

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Routes to resilience: Reducing climate risk through adaptive planning

In order to draw together the experiences and lessons learned from the STAR2Cs project, we created the e-journal ‘Routes to resilience: Reducing climate risk through adaptive planning’ to provide other organisations a framework to build long-term resilience through an incremental and integrated adaptive pathway approach. We hope that the ‘STAR2Cs solutions’ explored in the journal, built on case-studies developed during the project lifespan, will provide concrete and transferable recommendations for changes in decision-making processes and policy that help to systematically incorporate climate adaptation into long term planning.

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The STAR2Cs project unites 8 partners across the 2 seas who are working to overcome similar challenges by improving and increasing climate change adaptation.